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Sacred Sound Alchemy Oracle Deck


By Allison Soeung
Artwork by Charlie Orellana AKA Aephicles

The first-of-it's-kind dedicated sound healing oracle card deck!
A 44-card Oracle Deck and Guidebook for Sound Healers, Musicians, and anyone who loves working with sound & music.

**Update: All copies of the original production run have been SOLD OUT as of February 2024. The Author does not have immediate plans to re-print. Please fill out contact form if you are interested this deck for another production run so author can gauge interest**

Sacred Sound Alchemy is a magical 44-card Oracle Deck and guidebook written by sound healer and lifelong musician, Allison Soeung (AKA Sun of Life Sound). The Universe, from the stars down to the cells in our bodies, is alive in a cosmic orchestra of vibration. Humans have known of the healing and transformational power of sound and music for millennia. 

These enchanting cards allow the ancient wisdom of sound to offer you guidance, support, and a deeper connection to your intuition. 

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This deck is beautifully illustrated with breathtaking collage art from artist Charlie Orellana (AKA Aephicles). There are 44 cards segmented into six different series, each tapping into a different aspect of sound & music.

What kinds of card are included?

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Sound Activation Series.png
Music Alchemy series.png
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Ancient sounds series.png

About the Author

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Allison Soeung is a Licensed Sound Therapist and DJ based out of Northwest Arkansas, USA. Allison has had a lifelong love affair with music. She played classical piano from the age of six until the age of eighteen, when she traded in her piano for a set of DJ turntables.


She has always been a mystic at heart, and after the sudden and tragic death of her younger brother in 2015, she began devoting herself to her spiritual path. Driven by her passion for music, Allison began diving deep into the ancient mysteries of sound healing in 2017. Today she facilitates sound meditation and conscious DJ events such as Ecstatic Dance.

About the Artist

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I started my journey into the visual arts through photography. Born in a land of volcanos and eternal spring, nature has always been my source of inspiration and passion. Eventually my curiosity for knowledge and higher consciousness lead me to experiment more through the layers of creativity by manipulating my photographs and creating digital art.


My specialty is to portray the paradox towards what is seen in the outside world with what's inside our mind with a touch of surrealism, mindfulness practice and spiritual energy.

The intention I put into my work is to inject positive vibrations into the world through a visual channel of expression. I make art to reinforce positive beliefs that will lead me into become a better person and if I can help or influence people in the process towards a positive and creative path, then my dream is fulfilled.



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